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Mondiale "Esatto" 2022

17 novembre 2022

Domenica 20 Novembre alle ore 8:00 inizia per tutti i follower di TikTok e YouTube Mondiale Esatto 2022.

Nella pagina dedicata trovate il calendario della prima fase, ...

Race 10 closes the first championship.

12 novembre 2022

The Follower One Championship today awards the cup, there are several teams that can aspire to victory.
Let's go and watch the race.
The second Follower One Championship...

Picozip stoppt nicht.

6 novembre 2022

In the "Exact Score" game that I paired it with the Serie "A" championship, the youtube follower Picozip guesses them all, a monster;)


Nel gioco "Risultat...

Team Skyrama is back

6 novembre 2022

Yesterday we raced for race 9, a beautiful race and many teams are fighting for the first position. Team Skyrama switched balls and performed really great. Next Saturd...

Race 8

29 ottobre 2022

Race 8 took place on Saturday 29 October
Some news, new start, Team Skyrama has changed balls and Team Il Maestro has been taken over by Michelino and Louis and called ...

"Exact result"

27 ottobre 2022

“EXACT RESULT”, on Saturday with the publication of my match Spezia Fiorentina begins a new game in the game.
At each match you have two options, either enter the EXACT...

Formula Follower One

22 ottobre 2022

Formula Follower One Championship, today we run for race 7.
From race 8 the Skyrama Team will change ball, always blue in color but different.
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11° g _Campionato Serie "A"

22 ottobre 2022

The Serie "A" Championship has reached the 11th day.
Write me in the comments to the videos if you would like to see the World Cup with this nice format?
Follow me on Yo...